joe Linus aka One-Legged Heart


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GUNPOWDER TEA debuted on radio KZSC UC at Santa Cruz on September 10th 2004,                  

 in a special  hour-long edition of Silverfish in the Kitchen 

hosted by DJ Carla Brauer,  including  an interview with  joe Linus.


1. Ambiente Introduccione

2. Mongrel dog

3. Now's the time

4.All night long

5. Everything

6. Do the best

7. Ladybug Lady

8. Great Divide (Lonely Child)

9. High upon the ridge

10. California Blues

11. Blessing ( no more)

12. True Love, Must be!

13. She takes forever/ Fadouzzione


GUNPOWDER TEA  was produced by joe Linus at Laughing Tiger Studios,

David-Simon Baker was recording engineer/co-producer. 

with Mat Cohen and Jason Stokes as second engineers.

Eric Thorngren was final mix engineer.

Players include:

joe Linus, Lead Vocals/Keyboards/Guitars;

Jeff Pevar, Lead Guitars;

Bob Tatum, Drums;

David-Simon Baker,  electric bass.

Lori B and Alissa Seatavakin,  Backing Vocals.


With special thanks to Jerry Harrison, the Flying Coyote, and the Ancient Mariner.