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Random Narrative #12 12216

Visual Emotion. I believe the universe, everything is always moving in every direction. Massive things with great depth moving slowly like glaciers, like patches of clouds  slow across a blue sky, moving in one direction almost imperceptibly, and yet other things like rivers and waterfalls flowing in other directions at other speeds.

All moving, somehow related, all with their own private destiny, toward their own destinations which we may not know when we look at them.  Heraclitus says “all things are in a state of flow”  and yet beyond this life of emotion, there is a void of cold dark still that we sometimes get a glimpse of—the abyss, the death, the void.  All of this motion and destiny, all of these things playing out, within a void we do not see but only sense sometimes.

So there is always a sense of movement of things, even when we do not know or understand  what  it is or cannot identify it cannot name it, and within this movement  we can recognize some things that have meaning for us.

These movements of things that we know anchor our thoughts and give us a sense of direction for a moment that we can relate to, like we see the flutter of  the bird’s wing  for example.  We are compelled, propelled to move.

Today I was very busy driving from place to place. When I returned I sat in a courtyard with large green ferns blowing very softly in a breeze.  I saw the clouds slowly moving above  and in the distance. I knew the ferns had a very different experience of life than I did today. I reached out and touched them to see if they could tell me something about it. I was compelled to reach out  by the contrast of my experience with what I saw in them.

Layers upon layers of movement and directions, and we move through this on our own journey, our own adventure,  because we are moved by our heartbeat and the air we breath.  When we see the journey  of something or other, we want to go with it. Our heart races and we are compelled to jump in too! Emotion.

Peace sincerely, joe Linus aka One-Legged Heart Random Narrative #12  12/02/16 (c) all rights reserved.