joe Linus aka One-Legged Heart





The Pretty Saro is the  backing ensemble

that soundly supports  the performances  of Joe Linus.

Like life itself, The Pretty Saro is always changing,

welcoming  new and talented guest players, yet always remaining true

to the core values of serving well  the many songs of joe Linus.

The Pretty Saro made their premier  in-concert appearance

at the First Annual Joe Linus Thanksgiving Concert

 November 26th 2012 at YOS in Sausalito, CA.

The Pretty Saro players at this  debut event included:  

Paul Eastburn: Upright bassist; Julie Butler:  Backing vocals; 

Tom Schenck: Backing guitar;  Stu Rabinowitz:  Accordion.

The Pretty Saro has  also  enjoyed the immense talents of:

Alexander "Mr Thumbs!" Dore:  electric Bass

Tommy Mandel:  Keyboards, Synths, Hammond organ

Ted Farber:  Guitar, backing vocals

Josh Needleman:  upright bass

Jeff Pevar:  guitar and mando

David Simon-Baker:  electric bass

Bob Tatum: Drums






- Greetings Worthy One! It’s just you and me at the moment.  After spending a productive month out here in the Marin hills uninterrupted by the fast traffic of humanity, I am now mixing  the seventh song  of this ten song album you’ve heard so much about over the past year.  After weeks of immersion at university of youtube, I have  grappled with the technological requirements of production workflow in the new world order. Much like dating an insect,  one can expect to be stung multiple times.  Innocent misunderstandings,  mismatched intuitions  do make  the relationship touchy at times, but I have crawled on, learning what I can about this strange and fascinating process  from an odd creature that reduces all thought to a mouse  click.  At present I harbor no ill will, but there have been times I’ve wished to squish the bugger under my thumb.  I resist and proceed.Now my role as  mix engineer has been  chewed and digested,  and slowly morphs into something of a midwife tending to the birth of this new work from the ever fertile womb of the muse. As it should be, full circle---for in the beginning my work commenced at a table with a view of the sky and sea, with only a pen and paper to record my random thoughts, as would anyone who had the time and inclination be free to do. Along the way I’ve had the great privilege of meeting many poets and artists like myself.  Lured by the siren’s call to a fate both delicious and dangerous, we take the steps into  those uncharted territories  of our own souls, not knowing what we’ll find.I especially thank those of you who have shared your kindness and generosity with me on this part of my journey.  It is through you that this breath of song will now endure  in a more permanent and accessible physical format.Still many tasks in the days and weeks ahead  that I must steadily tend to,  but I wanted to check in with you  while I have a moment to let you know just  where we are.

Peace/ Sincerely, joeLinus aka One-Legged Heart/Song without end