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Greetings, Worthy One!

The world keeps spinning round. Yet no one's fallen off. It's an odd scenario to be sure. The work i've been doing  keeps me well-grounded, but not always in reality. Sometimes i feel like an old injun in search of the sacred mountain. Sometimes i feel like a young boy, licking the icing from the bowl.

I am about to go public with Disc#1 of my One-Legged Heart Trilogy. This occurs on June 8th, 2017  in Los Angeles, California... officially. We are so lucky to have the support of the prestigious 4th Street Recording Studios as our launch pad for this event.  Along with the nine songs of Disc#1, will be the exhibit of nine works on paper, marking the first time in more than a decade that i have publicly displayed my visual art.

One of the cool things about 4th Street is it's proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica. A lot of legendary artists have rolled through 4th Street for good reason. It has a timeless quality and a peaceful nature that belies it's urban setting.  I think June 8th is going to be a very good evening, and I am told there's going to be a reception for the artist in the interior courtyard. There will be a chance to listen to the work through the studio's sound system, and some video as well. Please plan to join us if you are in So Cal. It's 7-9pm.

If you've contributed your support to the nitty gritty, bottom line aspects of production,  you've already received the pre-release artist's edition with the slow-burned autographed disc, the lyric sheets and original art included in your package. There may even be more perks coming your way. But you  can also  check out the One-Legged Heart Series video channel  on Youtube and access 2 minute clips of some of the OLH songs.

Feel free to share these clips with your buds. Good things can happen when you share, and this is not stealing from me  because i've allowed it, you know?

I thought i might talk a bit  about my production of the work itself here--the odd combo of creative decisions that led me to explore the frontiers of electronica while simultaneously digging into venerable recording techniques of the old school. But i'll do that on another page and make it available.  So, check it out... One-Legged Heart Series

Peace/Sincerely,/joe Linus aka One-Legged Heart  May 2017