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STARS ALIGN 5/24/2016

Greetings Worthy One:

 May 24th, 2016.

It’s just you and me at the moment.  After spending a productive month out here in the Marin hills uninterrupted by the fast traffic of humanity, I am now mixing  the seventh song  of this ten song album you’ve heard so much about over the past year.  After weeks of immersion at university of youtube, I have  grappled with the technological requirements of production workflow in the new world order.

 Much like dating an insect,  one can expect to be stung multiple times.  Innocent misunderstandings,  mismatched intuitions  do make  the relationship touchy at times, but I have crawled on, learning what I can about this strange and fascinating process  from an odd creature that reduces all thought to a mouse  click.  At present I harbor no ill will, but there have been times I’ve wished to squish the bugger under my thumb.  I resist and proceed.

Now my role as  mix engineer has been  chewed and digested,  and slowly morphs into something of a midwife tending to the birth of this new work from the ever fertile womb of the muse. As it should be, full circle---for in the beginning my work commenced at a table with a view of the sky and sea, with only a pen and paper to record my random thoughts, as would anyone who had the time and inclination be free to do.

Along the way I’ve had the great privilege of meeting many poets and artists like myself.  Lured by the siren’s call to a fate both delicious and dangerous, we take the steps into  those uncharted territories  of our own souls, not knowing what we’ll find.

I especially thank those of you who have shared your kindness and generosity with me on this part of my journey.  It is through you that this breath of song will now endure  in a more permanent and accessible physical format.

Still many tasks in the days and weeks ahead  that I must steadily tend to,  but I wanted to check in with you  while I have a moment to let you know just  where we are.




Song without end



Greetings Worthy One:

Sun rise. Into my eyes the morning-- I am writing to etch the future into this present. Been doing a lot of things as winter melts—painting almost as much as before now, must do more of that.  Writing, I think in words and phrases, songs here and there—always swimming  just below the frozen surface.

But mostly  Mixing—the latest bane of my existence—I shouldn’t say that,  but   really the mixing process is tasking a mountain of minutia with mouse clicks. I can’t say mixing is an art form in and of itself, it is a somewhat tedious technical engineering skill that a 21st century artist might be inclined to develop, as it becomes essential in this age of digital devaluation and DIY.  Here we attempt to make indie record album production a sustainable art.  One would think it possible, let us see if it truly is. It really comes down to the ongoing engagement of the core audience.

Can’t wait to  finally print these ten songs for presentation, since various computer malfunctions  have conspired to delay  this aspect of my work for a good eight weeks.  Spare the details of purchases /returns that led me to this third refurbished computer, which now seems to be working okay.

I’ve been working on a nice box to hold all of these gifts, and this box holds the art within,  ten cards painted, holding ten printed lyric cards for the ten recorded songs.  All of this original, and the cards being each unique, signed and numbered  individually. There are five series (A-E) at this moment, with ten sets in each series. Within each set  the disc of songs included of course, along with a few things I won’t mention here. 

Also some thematically compatible pieces in these series happening, archival as well, a couple dozen originals  at the moment. These are acrylic on 22x30 paper, mounted and framed.  Expect  a few prints available down the road as well. First must finish out remaining mix tasks for this PartOne.

Much gratitude for your continued support.  Enjoy the Buddha’s birthday, the Passover, Easter, Ishtar, whatever your ritual of rebirth may be…  Contributions are always welcomed to help offset  production costs and may be completed instantly through Paypal without an account to joeLinus1**at**

The GoFundMe page is actually still up, too, though  I’ve gotten a bit weary of begging for funds and have instead just focused on the tasks of the production,   I am yet grateful for all who understand the challenges of such work and contribute to help overcome the obstacles that arise along the path of completion.  We’ve reached about 65% of our offset goal there, so a few costs still being addressed.   Just about finished now –hope the winds are favorable...  And look forward to seeing you all again soon!



Joe Linus



MIXED WHICH?     1/19/2016

Greetings Worthy One and Happy 2016!

Old school writers like myself tend to sit with pen and paper, filling up the pages for a few hours a day. This tradition goes back thousands of years and breeds a different sensibility.  Revisions, keeper phrases,  sudden insights, cross-outs, doodles, refinements over time reveal a core emotion. There is no hurry in the moment  to reach a “final draft” when  the process itself is the draw.  

Now I combine that process with the relatively recent invention of recording electronics, which offers the opportunity to share the sounds of words performed as lyrics in song  for a listener to experience.   While this, too, is an art form in a sense, the science of sound is  founded on precise realities of frequencies, volumes and tones which themselves compete for attention. Further compounding this fundamental  is the inherent matter of “taste”  that obscures the concept  with a myriad of informed choices based on the maxim  “There are no rules!”

When I first started out as a painter years ago I came across Picasso’s application of that maxim. His training and background led him to know and understand all the rules of painting, and then to break them as he saw fit.  This I took to be the meaning of best practices for an artist, i.e, knowing what the rules are so one is capable of “breaking” them properly. 

At this juncture I am becoming the “mixer” of my recently recorded sounds. To me, it seems a natural extension of the art itself.  However, in the recording industry, great mix engineers have made solid careers  packing the  sounds of  our artists to present to the listeners.  Their names, and contributions to the records we listen to, are typically unknown to the audiences they impress.  Their work, while essential, can be quite tedious and time consuming, and of no interest to the average  consumer of music.  Yet without this phase of processing, our ears could not  begin to appreciate the mélange of competing  sounds presented as the artist’s song. Without this work done, and done well, the work of the artist would be a sonic mess.

Traditionally, this work has been done by the studio engineer, usually working for a music label. The significant sums associated with the daily routine  of skilled labour were borne by the label as production costs, recouped or not upon the commercial release of the work by the label under the artist’s name.

But we have entered a new era, as by now we all have heard. The digital age of information  with its full force both bad and good is upon us.  Kids now make recordings in their bedroom using sophisticated software and computers and freely share the results on the internet.  While the master engineer is still available for hire, few indie artists can look to cover the expense of such essentials  done  exceptionally well.  On my first album of original songs  I was fortunate to have the help of an industry legend as a final mix engineer. This time  I’ve decided to  proceed alone into these shark-infested waters. Consequently, new rules have arisen to be learned and broken.

Ultimately I expect to bring forth an album that  will withstand the withering criticisms that come with the territory of new music. Even with knowledge and experience, the mixing process is a steep foray into the minute detail of recording science with the raw emotion of performance as its guide. 

I learn by diving in, I could not learn by sitting in class.  If I find something chasing me round  I swim out, google the remedy and dive back in.  While this mixing process takes me out of my comfort zone, I have come to regard it as an intrinsic part of the art of songwriting, and as such, something at which every indie artist ought to become proficient with in these times. 

That being said, I’ve made much progress! My new album of ten songs is in the mix.  I am in the mix too, of course. That makes sense!  So this will truly be a “joe Linus” album upon release.  Time passes slowly, and needless to say, I am kept incredibly busy by all of that. I am  now required to replace my old computer to support the minimum processing power needed for this mix. (I’ve been using an old Intel i3 so far, but it’s now  looking at me in disbelief, and prone to crashing when I open my sessions.)  My funding campaign  of 2015 has ended, but you may still help support the timely  release of these songs by  contributing through Pay Pal to the cause,  here’s  a link for Pay Pal—its easy  with no account set up, sending funds to a friend!      

Use this email for your support:(

Amazingly, I am still on schedule to bring this in within my two-year time frame, though tackling the mix process myself will add another 4-6 weeks of intense labours, assuming I am able to access the necessities that arise.  I would like to get back to my pen and paper and my paints as well, but all in good time, all part of the creative endeavor.  I look forward to seeing at least some of you later this year to share these new works with you ! Much gratitude for your support of the art.



Joe Linus




in-crowd update newsletter of 11-24-15

Greetings Worthy One!

I won’t  drag you into the myriad of technical engineering challenges facing an indie record production. Suffice to say that I am moving forward toward completion of this album of new songs, day by day/night by night, and expect to have this project  in the can for its initial release well within the 2 year timeframe I originally conceived.  That means  sometime before February 23rd, 2016. This date bears an ancient significance for me derived from my readings of Hesiod, the old Greek farmer who noted the movements of Arcturus in  the celestial skies to advise  his neighbors  as to optimum planting and harvest times.  I began with the selection of songs  on February 23rd, 2014.

The new album explores  themes of  spiritual quest, political intrigue, desire, passion and betrayal,  the fate of the  refugee,  heartbreak and loss, depression with its suicidal allure, the virtues of solitude, randomness and chance, and throughout,  attempts to map the journey of the natural soul both lost and found, within an interesting musical groove.

In complement with the musical content of this album, I have resurrected my previous life as an exhibiting artist to  create numerous limited edition series of  original art cards as an integral component of the physical package. These limited editions consist of eleven original works on  acid-free cold press paper, unique to each package, with lyrics to each song as inserts. These editions, signed and numbered, individually produced with unique original art content, are relatively few in number and subject to availability as their pricing will reflect.  Presently there are only ten extant, yet one may currently be reserved with a GoFundMe contributionof Three Hundred Dollars US. These cards serve to greatly enhance listeners’ enjoyment in the home environment. Available as long as I continue to  create them, this package is the artist-preferred presentation of the work.  These are keepers.

Given the unique nature of this project,  general distribution and release of the recording will at first occur in exhibition settings with larger works of the same series on display. Download cards of the musical content only, as well as a more economical limited edition of the package containing prints of selected originals will be available to the general public attending  these exhibition/shows on a first-come basis. Efforts are also underway to secure appropriate venues near the homes of contributors across the world. The recording itself  will not be available online, except for holders of a download card code during this time.  Contributors to the GoFundMe campaign at the entry level of twenty dollars US and above  reserve an album download card, but only if their contribution is made by December 31st 2015.

Good news for the early contributors! Through your support we have secured great progress. An added perk arises for each of you in the form of an additional reserved complimentary album download card. I know who you are and I saw what you did! Much gratitude for your support.

“Sustainable” has been a by-word for this production,  continuing to be productive through times of no-budget requires a curious mixture of   blind faith, tenacity, and know-how. I am grateful to my associates at 4th Street Republic for the access provided in achieving these results so far. Still shy of our  fund raising goal by about $2500, new contributions will be used to offset the necessary expenses of final mix and delivering the project on time. GoFundMeNow

Thanksgiving arrives, and with it my Fourth Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Concert. The original owners of the local venue which  generously sponsored this community event have long gone, and their social spirit cannot easily be replaced or forgotten.  But times change. So this year the Fourth Annual has decided to go underground! Respond to this email for pertinent  details. Wishing you all the best in the days ahead!


joe Linus