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 Album update—May 1st 2015  In-crowd

Greetings Worthy One!
After considerable research  on the subject I have booked  session time at a long established project studio  in Los Angeles.  I will be tracking vocals for an album of new songs in June at Fourth Street  Recording.

To the outside world Fourth Street presents a modest brick storefront, blending in to the commercial block without pretension, but it has been the recording home of many legends, including Little Richard and the Beach Boys. The acoustic design of the room is unparalleled. Revolutionary at the time of construction, if it were built today it would cost a million.  Under present management, the studio has consistently booked artists that advanced quickly to platinum status at major labels.

My 9am interview with the studio owner was fruitful and to the point.  After reviewing a few selections of my work I was shown the door--It was open and  I was warmly welcomed  with a clear, authentic expression of cooperation and enthusiastic comprehension of the task and goal.

  Regardless of what you may have heard on the street, making a decent record album is still a serious  venture, requiring considerable expertise and judgement.  I’ve lucked out here to find the right combination of forces coming together for creative and technical success.   Although I am happily sworn to secrecy on the rate for this engagement, I can assure you that it is most favorable to my circumstance /scenario and that no competitor came closer to addressing my specific needs and concerns so effectively.

We now have one more  month to bear down on the  artist’s expense in this phase of the album production. While I am grateful to escape the hayseed of Marin during allergy season,  I still must calculate costs of these sessions along with 10 days of lodging at the nearby hostel dormitory in LA, where a bunk bed goes for about $45 per night, but allows me to cook my own food in their communal kitchen.  I found a bus that goes SF to LA in 8 hours for as low as $20—not the most comfortable ride, but this is art.  Who wants a car in LA  anyway?  I’ll walk.

 We are still moving forward with the GOFUNDME CAMPAIGN at a $5000 TARGET to help offset these expenses. and this amount still accurately reflects  the funds  required. Generous contributions at the start have achieved 10%... with 90% still uncounted. This album is  scheduled for release in Fall 2015 as a limited edition, but everyone that contributes, regardless of the level, will have a copy of the album to be sure. More info on the perk levels can be found on  If desired, you may even contribute anonymously without kudos, or any fear of social reprisal.

in-crowd newsletter May 1st 2015
As the song says, “Now’s the Time” GO FUND ME! 
Many thanks for your generous support.
Joe Linus aka One-Legged Heart
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