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Old School internet ‘97

It was 20 years ago today, March 1997 I got my first website. They told me at the time it was in the first 50,000 music  sites to be registered.  That fact did not impress me then, nor does it now.  Not quite sure what I was signing on to, I drove  from SF down to Palo Alto to personally pick it up.  When I found it was nothing more than an address with empty space assigned to it, I hired an HTML engineer to help translate my old school reality into the new world order of zeroes and ones, and after a few weeks (and a small chunk of change spent) we were up and running.

It was a fairly robust little site, with a cool slide show and an embedded Real Player  that blasted strains of Ai de Chir Bang! (Beams of Love) as it opened.  Lots of production snapshots, and 30 second clips from my song catalogue Zebrabook. I learned FTP so I could update it myself, and  soon began  slamming impromptu poems out under the general heading Breakfast of Poets. (I’ve since collected these into a pamphlet volume, and also had some made up as placemats)

In those days you couldn’t yet hook into credit cards and shopping carts online, and that was a issue. I got a lot of requests from DJ’s worldwide for copies of Ai, which was bilingual Mandarin/English.  I dutifully fulfilled them sending discs, covering postage myself, thinking someday I might be  travelling again  in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Dubai,  Johannesburg, who knows?

At that time, as a writer of song, I was reasonably optimistic of the music biz. Mr Krasilovsky of NY had offered to shop my catalogue  to the major publishers on a percentage commission. A royalty-based income from song was a common thing.  Napster and P2P file-sharing had not yet made the news. The major hit that the music industry was about to suffer was just winding up its sucker punch. But even as I launched this site, a friend bragged  about the vastness of his freely acquired  digital music library. “No one will ever buy music again”  he  grinned.

As online services morphed, I took down that site in favor of another and so on, storing the contents in the cloud. I’ve  carefully noted the url and pw for the storage site, and wrote it all down in a little book which I’ve placed in my storage vault under lock and key and surveillance cameras in an undisclosed location.  I’m sure the key is around here somewhere.

Peace/Sincerely/joe Linus aka One-Legged Heart --Random Narrative March 2017. Sausalito California.