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Below is reproduced the in-crowd newsletter from Spring 2015,

OLH disc #1 is now completed.

Writing in Song/ New works by joe Linus: Spring Campaign of in-crowd Funding

Greetings worthy ones!

After considerable soul searching, I introduce this “Spring Campaign of in-crowd Funding” to offset the production costs of my 2015 album of new songs.  I liken crowd-funding to a church bake sale for this tuneful school of thought we are enrolled in.

I take some precedent  recalling a track team I created back in grammar school, hoping to further my passion for running and jumping.  Other schools had track teams, meets and races. Our school didn’t.  I approached the school officials and asked “Why not?”  They replied, “No coach!  Find yourself a coach before you dream of a team.”

I guess they thought I’d never find a coach, but I did. Amazingly, the coach I delivered was a mom who had no child on the team. She had a daughter, but her daughter had no interest in running round a track. Still the daughter was excited to be part of the effort and  convinced her mom to become the coach we needed.  I now had a track team!

We kids didn’t need much coaching to run around! We did need transportation, and someone cheering wildly when we came round the home stretch.  That’s what lovely Mrs. Boehm contributed. She got us there, filled out those official forms.  We came home winners.

My debut album earned the highest five star rating from mainstream industry critic Roots Music Report.  My second attempt garnered high praise from venerable Rounder Records for its “classic storytelling” and “songs of emotional resonance” (and a great voice!)

Today  I am 70% completed on this latest production, and I’ve run and jumped through all the hoops of fire to make it my best work to date.  Now I need to complete my vocals tracks, and that means studio time. Studio time has financial requirements , hurdles that for some are easier to clear than others.  I am asking you to help me clear these hurdles so that I can finish this race and deliver my good.

My kind of creative art requires the soulful endurance of the long distance runner. The prize is completion, and all of you contributing  in-crowders may rightfully claim your share in the glory of the story as you kick back and listen to the new work I share.

I've enlisted the support of GOFUNDME to manage our campaign. Reliable and easy to contribute. we've created a cool array of  exculsive perks and motivators for contributors, and to show my deep appreciation for your support.  

click on GO FUND ME and contribute now.

Learn more about the production:  watch the video

Learn more about the perks and project support 


Thanks very much.

I look forward to seeing you in the Fall with the new album completed.


joe Linus

Song Without End