joe Linus aka One-Legged Heart


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 SMOKE/SHADOW: alone_alive!  


This is a live studio performance album,  radically minimalist  in style,

Only joe's vocals and acoustic guitar conveying the feelings and moods.


All the songs are original lyric-based tunes penned by joe.

6 songs, running time 30 minutes.


Rounder Records calls joe Linus "a classic storyteller,

with a great voice and songs of emotional resonance!"


Produced by joe Linus.

Recorded at Studio D Sausalito, CA 94965

Joel Jaffe: Engineer.

Eric Thorngren: Final Mix Consultant.

All songs BMI.  All songs RIAA.

All songs (c) joe Linus 2013 all rights reserved.


Track list: 

Shallow Grave;

Test of Faith;

Stranger You Will Be;


Rusty's Lucky Ride;

Imperfect Lover.



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