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Ai De Chir Bang! (Beams of Love)


All night long/infusamenthe

A Stranger You Will Be

Blessing (no more)

California blues

Do the best



Great Divide (lonely child)

High upon the ridge

Mongrel dog

My Imperfect Lover


Now's the time

Rusty's Lucky Ride

Shallow Grave

She takes forever

Test of Faith

True Love, Must Be!




Greetings Worthy Ones!  ( an in-crowd update from summer 2016)

Now I’m back in Marin, holed up doing my homework, obsessing over frequencies and tech engineering details preparing for the work ahead.  After a week of tracking in Los Angeles at a groovy little project studio, I hope to gain access soon to the files of my lead vocals. Thanks to the contributions from worthy in-crowders at joeLinusMusic  I was able to seize the moment, get into the studio and get the job done,  using the microphone and gear of choice, with a knowledgeable engineer at the console.  We had a few  random international visitors to the sessions on  Friday and first impressions were decidedly favorable.

A major hurdle jumped, still much to be done. The next phase I will be reviewing all the files  to finalize   creative  and technical aspects of instrumentation/arrangement,  for which I am primarily responsible as the writer/producer. 

Some folks chuckle when I show pics of my  economy accommodations  at the hostel during this trip.  A dorm room with no less than eight bunks— noisy travelers arrive and depart at all hours, a communal kitchen and some very lame coffee.  Still these are minor inconveniences  when compared with the opportunity to engage in the recording process on a fruitful and productive level.  Indeed, I was not the only artist at the hostel  having this experience—I had a good chat with a fellow from Mumbai, who flew in for a week of work  at Disney on Beauty and the Beast, he stayed at the hostel by choice, he said, adding “my wife thinks I’m crazy!”

Being in LA brought me in to the old music conversation in new ways. It is surprising to meet artists who are relatively unknown and learn of their successes and failures first hand in this brutal industry.  Everyone seemed to agree it takes more than talent to succeed in the business paradigm. “it’s who you know!”  was a common theme.  I also found more connective tissue between focal  points East and West: New York, London, Tokyo—all part of the consciousness and the flow of both artists and business folks.  As I mentioned, the reaction I received was good, and the studio owner wants to intro me to the hipster crowd with some sort of back room/ speak easy concert.  Interns will be assigned social media tasks to chip away at my anonymity. Naturally, I resisted, saying “all in good time…”  

First priority for me is just getting access to my files so I can continue my work.  In-crowd contributions  have gotten me in, but I’ve still got a 30 day net due and then some to move forward. I’ve tried to make the process as cost effective as possible, and I think I have succeeded.  I’m still way under my $5000 cap. I met a guy coming in as I was heading out, he’d received a million dollar advance for his project.  You’ve never heard of him I’m sure!

Anyway for me its all about the art, the writing and the recording.  I appreciate  your continued support. Know that your contributions are employed most cost-effectively.  Check out the perks and Go Fund Me if and when you can.  You  can make all the difference. (summer 2016)

Many Thanks!/Sincerely,  joe Linus aka OLH/   song without end...