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Greetings Worthy One: Sun rise. Into my eyes the morning-- I am writing to etch the future into this present. Been doing a lot of things as winter melts—painting almost as much as before now, must do more of that.  Writing, I think in words and phrases, songs here and there—always swimming  just below the frozen surface.

 But mostly  Mixing—the latest bane of my existence—I shouldn’t say that,  but   really the mixing process is tasking a mountain of minutia with mouse clicks. I can’t say mixing is an art form in and of itself, it is a somewhat tedious technical engineering skill that a 21st century artist might be inclined to develop, as it becomes essential in this age of digital devaluation and DIY.  Here we attempt to make indie record album production a sustainable art.  One would think it possible, let us see if it truly is. It really comes down to the ongoing engagement of the core audience.

 Can’t wait to  finally print these ten songs for presentation, since various computer malfunctions  have conspired to delay  this aspect of my work for a good eight weeks.  Spare the details of purchases /returns that led me to this third refurbished computer, which now seems to be working okay.

I’ve been working on a nice box to hold all of these gifts, and this box holds the art within,  ten cards painted, holding ten printed lyric cards for the ten recorded songs.  All of this original, and the cards being each unique, signed and numbered  individually. There are five series (A-E) at this moment, with ten sets in each series. Within each set  the disc of songs included of course, along with a few things I won’t mention here.  

Also some thematically compatible pieces in these series happening, archival as well, a couple dozen originals  at the moment. These are acrylic on 22x30 paper, mounted and framed.  Expect  a few prints available down the road as well. First must finish out remaining mix tasks for this PartOne. 

Much gratitude for your continued support.  Enjoy the Buddha’s birthday, the Passover, Easter, Ishtar, whatever your ritual of rebirth may be…  Contributions are always welcomed to help offset  production costs and may be completed instantly through Paypal.

The GoFundMe page is actually still up, too, though  I’ve gotten a bit weary of begging for funds and have instead just focused on the tasks of the production,   I am yet grateful for all who understand the challenges of such work and contribute to help overcome the obstacles that arise along the path of completion.  We’ve reached about 65% of our offset goal there, so a few costs still being addressed.   Just about finished now –hope the winds are favorable...  And look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Peace/Sincerely, Joe Linus/ aka One-Legged Heart / Song Without End  April 2016