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Greetings Worthy One!

Joe Linus Music needs your support as the One-Legged Heart Trilogy finds  broader niche strength in 2018.    Your support is crucial. Your contribution doesn’t need to serve as a tax write-off to help One-Legged Heart  survive. You make a huge difference with your contributions, both in the scope of projects undertaken and the real  time needs of these  productions, as well as nurturing this fragile art culture we so often take for granted.

You’ve no doubt noticed that times change. I’ve gone deeper into the shadows now of electronica and lyric poetry, creating art songs when most people haven’t  the time to lend an ear. Really it’s a function of the cultural present. We’ve brought this on ourselves, so I won’t be too concerned with pleasing the masses. I’ll just focus on the muse and pray you see the flickering light still shining in the winter night.

In the dead center of all this beats the One-Legged Heart and his hopeful rap of notable/quotable rhymes and reasons. Empowered by the subtle musical impulse, nestling in treetops and burrowing tunnels, searching out love in all the right places. And will it be found? -- Depends much upon you.

All this is something new and different—I don’t deny it’s not the same old stuff. Still, you’re  bound  to find  within some  flowing  robes and golden threads  and waves from lyric poets stirred of  generations past. I am, after all, a thirsty fellow drinking from the same streams as my ancestors  and  those mentors, who years ago first led me to the water’s edge.

 So I am left alone again as an artist, writer, painter, poet,  hack, whatever-have-you-jack, bracing for the fierce winds  that will drive me back into my ear/heart/soul  space once more to produce the songs for the second disc of  the One-Legged Heart Trilogy.

Now that’s a task one might enjoy --assuming rent is paid and power’s on and food is in the fridge-- but who says that’s a safe assumption?—I'll be working all the day and night to bring you  gifts  of  music, poems, paintings, songs  and  videos that you can click a button to behold and share by pasting youtube codes for free. So strange the twist has turned  I’m competing now with NPR for funds in a world where “nothing” has been deemed fair payment in exchange for art.

 Though truly I do love my entrenched niche of obscurity, and I invite you to love it as much or more than I do myself. Take shelter in it—knowing there is always someone even sketchier than your own  worst self out here unafraid to step forward into the creative life at its messiest and take the risk for you.  An artist might expect  a favorable response, but its more like passing beggars on the street.  A coin dropped may be well enough for the beggar but the artist needs much more than the beggar does, as the beggar’s life is far less troublesome and free, and the artist has much work to do. Peaceout  Song Without End/ Sincerely, Joe Linus /aka One-Legged Heart  january 2018