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Greetings, Worthy One! 7/21/15 in-crowd newsletter.

It’s 4 AM now, i'm brewing coffee and spilling out my thoughts into the glow. I’m not one  to lay awake and worry. Instead I lay awake writing, drifting off into musical dreams: a fitful,  shimmering montage of compelling characters and events, complete with stages and instruments, colored spotlights and chaos.  Tonite I move  at warp speed through the parallel lives of a few colleagues, who are just now landing in the Big Apple for an important gig. The collaborative cosmos briefly carries me along-- a moment of shared creative conscience.

At times like this I fancy that I might provide my readers  a linear perspective. Days/ weeks/ months/ years appear neatly in my mind’s eye, my time on Earth  explained so clearly all at once. Easy to comprehend the weave  of seeming random  strands into gold and silver thread, the Darkness, the Light. The gate still open and unguarded, mad chance for Truth to make a dash. I don’t buy into the whole sleep thing--don’t accept the official explanation.  But that’s another story.

I could be anywhere this morning. I’d be in a roadside diner at the counter with a newspaper, ordering up sunny side eggs, when you walk in. I’d be cautiously optimistic, the headlines still fresh. The day, another start-up venture considering potential partners. You look me in the eye.

I turned a corner yesterday. The expression literally lept  from my lips. Love when that happens! I can see where I been, looking over my shoulder. In a barn on the second story, I’d set up an old director’s chair by the huge hayloft door swung wide open. On a  wooden box  I’d placed my old Smith Corona typewriter, the manual ratatat that required real  physical commitment to every word spelled out. Across the page top I banged the words: THE END OF CONSCIOUSNESS.  I was still  a young man, but I saw it coming.

I’d been painting up a storm  in a country house for several seasons now in Carolina, paying fifty bucks a month for the privilege of getting back to the land.  This was long before Google set out to map it all with digital prints and zoom- in views. I pulled my water up by the bucket on a  long clanking chain.  One of my paintings had earned some prize money, allowing me to buy a tank of kerosene#2. This warmed  up my studio well above freezing on those incredibly romantic winter mornings, now lost in time. My coffee brewed, I held a brush in my gloved left hand, the cup in my right, and stood contemplating the white challenge of the canvas  stretched out on the wall in front of me. I’d been chopping my wood to build a fire each day, and this was unmitigated luxury for me.

Wait, this is not a novel!  It’s summertime in the wealthy  Marin suburbs north of the Golden Gate. Dawn is breaking, looks to be another hot one! The swimming pool is a clear sky blue. This writing must be bent into an update for joeLinusMusic and sent out to you today.

The production of my newest album harkens back to those days before the end of consciousness. Its been a while since I enjoyed the simplicities of the artist’s life as I had done back in  the Carolinas. Yet even now in this twenty first century, I’ve found  the Arts  can still offer a  rigorous pursuit,(at least when  popular reason and notions of practical convenience  are held firmly at bay!)  One cannot  hope to plumb the depths  by simply going with the flow, when the flow has been pre-funneled into miles long traffic  streams  on the so-called freeways.  The artist needs somewhere in the culture to pull over and make  the art, lest the  art be finally reduced  to quick glimpses of sprayed graffiti,  only viewable from drive-by autos, and audible only  through  earpod clips, rubbernecking in the din.

Thus I am grateful for this month long housesit, which, for the first time in a long time, allows me to seriously consider the physical, visual aspects of this album of songs that I have been intimately engaged with for the past year.  Grateful, too, for the strong showing of support and contributions that have helped me actualize the production of these songs.

While there is  still much work to be done and expense to be met,  later this year I hope to begin presenting  the album in a series  of limited edition formats, which will include my original art work and prints  as an integral  part of the production.   Some formats will likely be available for pre-order as early as September.  Every contributor is assured access to a copy, based on their level of involvement.

The sun is up now and I must be on my way, too.  Many thanks for your continued support of the Arts. Your support makes the difference.  I hope you are having a fruitful and enjoyable summer in 2015.

Sincerely, joe Linus/One-Legged Heart/ Song without End/in-crowd newsletter update August 2015.